Why 600g Towels

Why 600g Towels

During these austere times it must be tempting for hotels to consider cheaper alternatives for their towelling products, but will this decision pay in the long term?

The person who really matters in this decision is the hotel guest. Amongst the many things that create the right experience for hotel guests are the towels. People expect their hotels to provide soft sumptuous towels that exude luxury even though they are subjected to wash after wash. How many times have you been disappointed by the quality of towels during hotel visits? It's not an area where quality should be compromised. At the very least you expect a hotel towel to be the same quality as one you would use at home.

The first question often asked is what weight of towel is best? Towels are measured by GSM: Grams per Square Metre which is the density of the towel (This is the accepted standard. Towels and bathrobes typically vary from 300 to 800 GSM; other fabrics may have values as low as 100 GSM). But, in the view of the leading hotel supplier King of Cotton, 600gsm is the ideal weight for a hotel to balance softness and absorbency at a cost effective price. But weight is only important if the cotton is of a premium quality and this has to do with the length of the fibre, otherwise known as the staple. Staple length is a term referring to the average length of a group of fibres of any composition. The staple depends on the origin of the fibres. Natural fibres, such as cotton or wool have a range of lengths in each sample, so the staple length is an average.

King of Cotton has many years of experience in supplying towels to hotels including leading Five Star establishments. Of the numerous ranges they offer, the 600 gsm premium Terry towelling range is the one they recommend to hotels for the right balance of luxury and longevity. And at just £8.60 for a bath towel they are proof that hotels do not need to scrimp to maintain quality.

King of Cotton consider this towel to be the top of the range contract towel for the superior establishment. This product is used in some of the finest Five Star Hotels in the World. Made from Premium quality cotton yarn, thick pile. It's a soft, strong and hard wearing towel. Available in white and with King of Cotton's embroidery service at competitive corporate rates it's a choice that's easy to make.


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