You can get custom embroidery added on to most products on the King of Cotton website via the ‘Show Embroidery Options’ button.

For our corporate customers, this is an easy way to add the company’s logo or name to products.

Consumers, however, can be more creative with their embroidery options so here are some ideas to give you inspiration and to help you make the most of this add-on service:

  • If you are considering purchasing bathrobes for the whole family, think about personalising everyone’s robe by adding their names. This will stop arguments from happening over whose robe is whose but will still allow more than one person to have the same colour robe.
  • Have you had an important event and wish to treat the people who made it extra special to a little something? Why not consider purchasing bathrobes with people’s roles embroidered on to them. For example, if you’ve just got married and wish to show your friends and family how much their help means to you, consider buying robes with titles such as "Best Man” and "Usher” written on them
  • Do you have problems getting your children to bathe? Try coming up with some superhero names with your children then buy them each a children’s hooded bathrobe and choose the embroidery option to add their new superheroes names. Bath time may be a more alluring prospect if they can pretend to be an action hero or a princess afterwards. If your child likes drawing, you can also get them to design their own superhero logo. Just email us an image of it and we will get back to you with a price.
  • You can add names to your towels, potentially stopping arguments happening when someone cannot find their own special luxurious towel
  • You can also add the days of the week to towels. That way you can always be sure that you are always using the freshest towel each day. This is also a great technique to use with our Towelling Mats
  • Think about buying "His” and "Hers” pool towels. This way you can save arguments on your next relaxing holiday away by knowing quickly which towel is which, in a more fun way than adding names.
  • Worried about losing your pool towel? Adding your phone number to it will increase the chances of it being returned to you
  • If you are purchasing one of our luxury blankets for someone’s special day, such as a wedding or a birth, you can mark the occasion by adding the date on to it
  • If you are purchasing our exclusive bed linens for a housewarming, or for a student going away from home to university, consider adding the town they are moving from for a little reminder of home
  • For Birthdays, instead of a name or the person’s birth date, you can add their star sign to their new luxury item. You can also mix this up the following year by adding their Chinese zodiac sign to their next luxury cotton item

Can you come up with any other unique and original ideas for embroidery options? If so, we would like to hear them. You can either post them directly on King of Cotton’s Facebook Wall or send them to us on Twitter by adding @king_of_cotton to your tweet.