Egyptian Cotton is a durable and attractive fabric that is commonly found in bathrooms and bedrooms all over the world. Towels and sheets made from Egyptian Cotton are prized, especially when they are treated appropriately to soften their otherwise relatively tough fibres.

When you first purchase your Egyptian Cotton bed linen, they are likely to have a coating of chemicals left on them from the manufacturing and packaging processes that they have been subject to. To remove this coating and leave your brand-new bedding luxuriously soft and cosy, follow these steps:

Pop the sheets into the washing machine with a cup full of baking powder in place of detergent (detergent can worsen the scratchiness caused by the chemical residue) and wash them on a wash cycle. Once that has been completed, run the rinse cycle on cold, and add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse water. Allow the bed linen to dry naturally in the sun. Finally, run your usual wash cycle at the usual temperature, with detergent this time. Tumble dry, if you have a tumble-drier. Your new sheets should now smell wonderful and be invitingly soft and comfortable to the touch. Make your bed and prepare to enjoy a sumptuous night’s sleep!

Egyptian Cotton towels will stand the test of time, lasting well no matter if you use them for swimming or bathing, but they can sometimes become a little stiff and starchy, especially if used for swimming, which can cause chlorine and swimming pool chemicals to build up in the fabric.

Your towels can benefit from the treatment as detailed above: the baking soda softens the fibres, releasing the residue and the vinegar cleans the fabric and tightens the fibres, preventing the chemical residues from lingering.

Treat your towels and sheets as needed and enjoy the super-soft feel of Egyptian Cotton for longer.