Considered by many to be a synonym for luxury, Egyptian Cotton is widely thought to be the best quality cotton on the market. It’s why Egyptian Cotton sheets are looked upon as the best choice if you want that extra comfortable, snug feeling when you go to sleep. Silky to the touch, this material is superbly absorbent, as well as breathable, so it’s no wonder that its reputation is associated with comfort. It’s especially useful during hot seasons, when you need your sheets to give you a bit of a cooling effect.

When choosing the best Egyptian Cotton bed linen, it’s useful to focus on fibres, as extra-long or long-staple fibres are supposed to be the best of the best. The texture feels far more pleasant against the skin and it deteriorates more slowly than other materials. Similar goes for choosing Egyptian Cotton towels, which will wrap your body in cloud-like softness. Once you buy them, you’re sure to use them for a long time, without them losing their softness or thinning out on the most used parts.

Make sure to check the label before buying Egyptian Cotton products, though. Manufacturers often mix materials and you want your Egyptian Cotton sheets to be 100% authentic. Especially avoid those products that are labeled as "cotton rich”, because they frequently have other synthetic materials and a low amount of cotton in them. Egyptian Cotton bed linen is especially good for sensitive skin, since it prevents any discomfort, rashes and scratchy feelings. This is also why many people with problematic skin choose to buy Egyptian Cotton towels, particularly for face drying, as it doesn’t irritate skin and also gives a soothing feeling.

So, the answer is – yes, Egyptian Cotton sheets are both cool and cooling. A perfect choice for hot nights, they give you a good night’s sleep and comfortable rest. But we warn you, they’ll make you never want to leave your bed of fluffiness.